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“Providing healthy clean drinking water without chemicals”


No Chemicals

Our innovative water treatment technology at Swiss Cleanwater Group allows for the cleaning of pure healthy drinking water with out using any chemical products.

In comparison with other systems in the market, we purify the water without "killing it" by a combination of different processes like a multi-layer sand quartz filtration, oxidation, a hydrolytic oxygen generator, an activated charcoal bed, and an UV-C lamp.

Any of the Swiss Cleanwater Machines will retain up to:

  • Arsenic 99.9%
  • Phenol 99.9%
  • Nickel 99.9%
  • Bacteria 100%

Other systems like Reverse Osmosis, Purification, Desalination and Softener use chemicals such as chlorine, added to kill bacteria, bisulfate dosing to deactivate the chlorine, which can destroy a thin-film composite membrane. They also use corrosion inhibitors, which kill bacteria.

More about chemicals use in other purification systems:

Chloramines and other chlorine like chemicals are the most common way to purify drinking water. Pure chlorine is also a commonly used chemical, but can be toxic if handled in the wrong ways or is present in too high of levels. Both chlorine and chloramines work to kill bacteria and other harmful substances that may be found in drinking water sources.

Chlorine dioxide
Chlorine dioxide is another break off from chlorine that can be used to treat and purify drinking water. However, it is not used as often anymore because of both the volatility of the gas that it produces (which is easily combustible), and because it raises the levels of chlorite passed the recommended levels by the United States government.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is another chemical that is often added to drinking water to help purify it. Hydrogen peroxide is usually combined with an activator called formic acid and works well on harmful protozoans and pathogens in the water supply. However, it takes longer to purify the water than chlorine, and can become a phytotoxin (or a plant poison capable of killing humans in a high enough dosage) if not used properly. It also changes the pH levels of the water, which requires additional chemicals to return the pH back to normal.

With other methods like distillation a variety of organic compounds and certain impurities, such as silica, carbon dioxide and ammonia will still be present after distillation.

The Swiss Cleanwater Group system has been developed for all types of surface water, rain water, ground water and secondary water.

If you would like to know how we are able to clean water without chemicals then read the following article: Purification of Water or watch the following video: How Does a Cleanwater Machine Work?


SCM 24

Swiss Cleanwater Group Machine 24
Cleans 24.000 liters per day

SCM 60

Swiss Cleanwater Group Machine 60
Cleans 60.000 liters per day
Video: How it works

Water Cleaning Systems & How They Work

The SCG Advantage

Our market-leading, water cleaning solutions have many advantages. To read more click the items below:

No Chemicals

Our machines and technology does not use any chemicals, at all.


No Waste Water

Our machines do not waste any water. Yield = 100%.


Low energy use

Uses 50 times less energy than a Reverse Osmosis Machine.


Low ownership cost

Lower maintenance and operation costs due to our technology.


Easy to install

Simple "plug and play" installation makes for easy deployment.


Extremely compact

A compact system, contained in an easy to transport cabinet.


Outperforms R.O.

SCG technologies outperform Reverse Osmosis systems.


Faster ROI

Get a faster Return on Investment with our systems.