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“Providing healthy clean drinking water without chemicals”


Purification of Water

The water cleaning process is completed in 6 steps:
See a video of how our water cleaning machine works

1. Pressure Pump

The incoming water interacts first with the machine pump. Once the incoming pressure of the water is within 20 psi (1.5 bar) – 87.02 psi. (6 bar), the pump will begin to send the contaminated water into the first cleaning canister.

2. Crystal Quartz Canister

Once in the first canister water flows through the crystal sand quartz filter which prevents fine particles from entering into the structure.

3. Oxygen Production

The water then enters the hydrolytic oxygen generator, where by the molecules of water are separated into. The freed oxygen molecules take on a different identity, forcing the oxidation of many polluting organic substances and the hydrogen molecules spark cleaning catalytic processes. As the molecules raise they bond together to continue on to the next set of containers filled with carbon filters.

4. Filters

The water is further purified of minerals and organic substances when passed through four containers of an activated carbon bed. A continuous oxidation occurs whereby the activated carbon substance is decomposed and oxidized respectively and nitrogen compounds are reduced due to the catalytic effect.

5. Mechanical Fine Mesh Filter

Once minerals, organic substances, bacteria, viruses and TOCs are filtered out, the water passes through a fine mesh filter to purify the water of any carbon dust spillover from the activated carbon beds.

6. UV Light
If any organic substances, bacteria and viruses make it this far through the machine the water is led into the last container which has a UVC lamp with a 254 nm shine for preventative and auxiliary disinfection.

Video: How it works

Water Cleaning Systems & How They Work

The SCG Advantage

Our market-leading, water cleaning solutions have many advantages. To read more click the items below:

No Chemicals

Our machines and technology does not use any chemicals, at all.


No Waste Water

Our machines do not waste any water. Yield = 100%.


Low energy use

Uses 50 times less energy than a Reverse Osmosis Machine.


Low ownership cost

Lower maintenance and operation costs due to our technology.


Easy to install

Simple "plug and play" installation makes for easy deployment.


Extremely compact

A compact system, contained in an easy to transport cabinet.


Outperforms R.O.

SCG technologies outperform Reverse Osmosis systems.


Faster ROI

Get a faster Return on Investment with our systems.